The Importance of Good Packaging

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but unfortunately it’s something we all do in one way or another. Whether we judge someone’s professionalism and work ethic based on how they dress, the quality of food based on the photo in the menu or even literally whether we’ll enjoy a book based on its cover. Product packaging is the same, making quality in this area is just as important as the quality of your actual product.


Packaging is important for various reasons. First and foremost, it protects your products when being handled and shipped to the various retail locations, making sure your customers don’t receive broken items that need to be returned or exchanged. As a marketing tool, packaging plays an important role too. It’s the first thing shoppers see when buying your product and can help your products stand out on the shelf, catching the eye of shoppers.


Let’s look at premade meals sold in stores as an example. Premade meals are growing in popularity based on the convenience they offer. The question is – why do some products demand a premium price whereas others don’t. Of course, the quality of the products itself is a deciding factor, but in many cases, great packaging creates perceived quality, making buyers more willing to pay a higher price. Poor quality packaging creates a perception that the product is of poor quality, making buyers less likely to spend their money on it.


At Lion Marketing, we make use of world-class, cutting edge technology to assist us in designing and developing 3D renders of your packaging, allowing you to see what it will look like even before anything is made. We are also able to create stores, showing you what your products will look like on the shelf next to that of your competitors, allowing you to judge the effectiveness of your packaging to catch the eye of shoppers. Our expert packaging designers have a keen eye and the necessary knowledge to create packaging that sells. Contact us today to talk about making your products look great with fantastic packaging! [Link to]