Pharmaceutical Marketing Can Be Tough

Lion Marketing understands the difficulty around marketing pharmaceutical brands. That’s why we have a 360º strategy to keep your brand top of mind – even without direct marketing.


When it comes to marketing in the pharmaceutical industry – you need to have a clear understanding of your target market. Whether to doctors and pharmacists or to consumers.


A 360º campaign may include:

  • In-store (or in-pharmacy) advertising – Making the consumer aware of your brand and giving them a clear reason to ask about the brand – as well as giving the pharmacist a clear reason to recommend/ prescribe the brand as a treatment.
  • Below the line marketing – Drop offs for doctors and pharmacists to remember your product when prescribing a solution to an ailment.
  • Above the line marketing – Billboards, television commercials and radio to get your brand awareness out to the largest possible audience. We design, develop and implement all forms of above the line media. Depending on the schedule of your product, we can assist you with ATL marketing!
  • Digital Marketing – Social Media, Website, Google AdWords, SEO. Our team knows exactly what will and won’t work when marketing your brand online.
  • Influencer Marketing – depending on your brand, we’ll know who to contact to portray your brand in the best light.


This is just a touch on what Lion Marketing can do for your brand! Give us a call today!