Pros and cons of TV ads

Are you in two minds when it comes to deciding on which form of media you should choose for your brand? In this article we focus solely on tv ads – breaking down both the pros and cons.


TV ads can usually reach a larger audience, and this can be achieved in a shorter amount of time. Your audience can be reached at a time when they are more attentive and focused. By putting your brand, service or product on TV you’re able to convey a message with sight, sound, and motion that can leave a lasting impact. TV advertising offers immediate credibility, it tells the viewer that you are serious about what you are offering. It also gives your audience some video evidence of what your brand or company are capable of. TV advertising also creates an image/ visual for your audience as well as a personality.


Unfortunately, with TV ads there is no guarantee that your TV advertisement will be viewed as most people get up when adverts come up. TV ads do come at a big cost and risk especially if you want your advert to be viewed at prime time. When it comes to TV ads it is also very difficult to correct errors or make changes – you are stuck with the final product unless you are willing to pay extra for re-editing and to be re-advertised. Targeting your correct audience can be a hit or miss. Your product may be aimed at business owners but aired in the morning when those business owners are at work. In a case like this, your ad will most likely be viewed by a stay-at-home parent.

Keep these pros and cons when making your final decision on TV ads.