Print, a Valuable Marketing Tool

Is Print Dead?

With the rise of digital media, it’s easy to assume that print has lost its relevance. We hope you’re not one of those naive enough to believe this…


Digital media is less expensive than print – true. Digital is more flexible – also true. Digital makes tracking results easier – that’s true too. There’s no denying the power of digital. It’s still not a replacement. Think about it – did TV kill radio? No! Radio is still relevant. The same is true with print.


If you’re smart and strategic about where you publish, it can make a world of difference. You wouldn’t advertise your fashion brand in a political publication, would you? We sure hope not. Make sure your information is in the right publication. If you place your ad in a respected, trusted and relevant magazine, it will carry weight and be seen as more credible.


People consume print and digital media differently. When they read online, they want quick information and usually skim through it. When it comes to print, especially leisure publications, readers usually take their time to read through the information, taking more in.


Print can be traceable, sort of. Use calls-to-action that prompt readers to take specific action, or implement QR codes using unique URLs so you know exactly where traffic to your website came from.

When all is said and done, print can be a powerful component in any campaign. That’s right – component. Don’t sacrifice digital for print, or vice versa. The key to successful campaigns in our information society is integration. Use print and digital to complement one another for your greatest chance of success in a campaign. Talk to Red Phele Phele today for more information how we can help your business grow through print advertising and other media.