Content Marketing

Content is King

You’ve probably heard this phrase before. It’s been used so often that it’s become a cliché. Be that as it may, it still rings true. The last decade has seen great shifts in media usage and how information is consumed, but the importance of content has remained consistent.


With this in mind, it’s easy to see why content marketing is so important. What’s content marketing? Simply put, it’s a marketing strategy focused on creating the right content and distributing it to the right audience to create lead generation.


While usually used in digital marketing applications, content marketing is about creating content your target audience, i.e. potential customers, would want to read about. This can be done through the use of a blog, social media or any other relevant medium.


Think your business is too small to benefit from content marketing? Wrong! Businesses, both big and small, can benefit from it. Below are just a few of these benefits:

  • It gets your name out there. As with any form of marketing, content marketing is a way to get your target market to notice you and learn about what it is you do – much like this article is doing right now.

  • It builds your reputation. The content you publish is a valuable opportunity to showcase your knowledge and expertise. It can help your business establish itself as a thought leader and creates trust with potential customers.

  • It supports your other efforts. Think about your recent visits to corporate websites. Would you trust a business that has out of date information? Probably not, right? This is where a blog comes in as part of your content marketing strategy. If your website has relevant, useful and up to date posts, visitors will be more likely to trust your business and reward you with their patronage. What’s more, it can help your SEO. Google likes fresh content, so by updating your website with new, relevant content, you can help your website rank better.


We’re not suggesting that your business should become a publisher, but by getting the word out there with frequent, consistent and valuable content, you’re more likely to stay top of mind with your target market. Let Red Scooter take the hassle out of content marketing for you with a smart content strategy that will establish your business as the one to trust. Contact us today to talk about how we can take your brand further!