The Power of Branding

Image is Everything

Think of some businesses you’ve dealt with recently. One of the first things that come to mind is surely its brand and brand elements. You see, it’s nearly impossible to separate business and brand.


It’s no stretch to say that branding is one of the most powerful marketing tools for businesses. It’s often said that your brand helps differentiate you from your competitors, and this is true, but it does so much more for your business. Good corporate branding can be a valuable lead generating tool to draw in customers who might not know your business yet.


You can’t be everything to everyone. Many small businesses make the mistake of believing that they can be and as a result, they water down their brand in an attempt to please everyone. A good strategy takes the ideal customer profile into consideration when developing a brand.


You should be consistent in your branding and use it on all material, from your website to leaflets and everything in between. This will make your business more recognisable. You therefore need a good Corporate Identity (CI) manual that assures consistency in everything you do.


Image is everything. If your logo looks sloppy, consumers will be hesitant to support you. The old adage, “fake it till you make it”, comes to mind here. A small company with good branding can create the perception that they are bigger than they really are. Colour psychology also plays a role here, but that’s an entirely different story.


Good, clear branding saves you time. By clearly establishing what you do through your company’s branding, you don’t need to reintroduce your business every time a customer comes into contact with you. Think of your tagline – it should say exactly who you are and what you do.


It’s simple, your business needs branding. Correction – your business needs quality, strategically developed branding. At Lion Marketing, that’s what we do! Our branding experts are highly skilled and creative, and jump at the chance to help businesses reach new heights. Whether you need a refreshed brand or are starting from scratch, let us help you!