Marketing to the Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry has grown at a vast rate and has become a very competitive industry to market in. Marketing experts are faced with marketing directly to doctors, pharmacists and indirectly to the consumers depending on the type of scheduled drug. Here is a brief overview of how to tackle this challenge.


Doctors hold the power when it comes to direct contact with the end user. They are able to prescribe your product without the consumer having to consider it first.


There are many marketing strategies in this industry to take advantage of. A great way to market to doctors is by providing them with a drop off of your products along with pamphlets. This allows them to learn more about your products and keeps your brand top-of-mind and in turn prescribe to their patients. Doctors rooms can take advantage of digital screens in their waiting rooms, introducing your product and allowing the consumer to enquire about your product to their doctors.


Pharmacists can display your products with print media in their pharmacies, this can range from shelf wobblers, pamphlets and posters etc. This can play on the consumer’s mind and once again allow them to enquire about your product directly to their pharmacist and depending on the schedule of the drug can prescribe your product. Exposing your products to the consumer directly allows your brand to become top-of-mind and encourage them to try your product at their own free-will.


Social media is a great way to target your consumers directly. This is a place to find out what other people have to say about your product and help with the decision making. Unless the product needs to be prescribed by a registered doctor, you can also make use of print media such as billboards and magazines.


Call on Lion marketing to help create your brand campaigns and target directly to doctors, pharmacists or consumers.