Don’t Fail to Plan


Would you go into an exam without having studied? Drive without knowing where you’re going? Propose to a total stranger? We sincerely hope you answered no to most of these, especially the last one, that’s just weird… Marketing doesn’t happen all willy-nilly either. Without a plan of action or even a goal of what you want to achieve with your marketing efforts, why do it in the first place? Enter the strategy. Think of this as your roadmap to success that no campaign can do without.

At Lion Marketing, we have the knowhow, experience and creative awesomeness to tailor perfect strategies for your brand! How do we do this? By understanding the consumer, coming up with ideas to speak to them and selecting the right platforms to reach them. This will help you focus your efforts and budget where it will be most effective.

To start, you need to know what you want to achieve. Everything you do from there will help you achieve these goals. Want to increase your sales? Want to improve your brand recognition? Want to rule the world and vanquish your enemies? These are all things you need to establish before starting on your strategy.

For a campaign strategy to work, you need to understand your customers – their needs, hopes, fears, dreams and more. Why do they need your product or service and what can you do to win them over? Lion Marketing has done significant research into understanding different audiences and how best to reach them, so we are well capable of helping you in this area.

Once you know what you want to achieve and whom you want to target, the fun starts. The actual planning can now commence where you need to decide what to say, when to do so and where in order to get the most effect for your budget. The idea is to get a great ROI. Once this is done, we start working on creating everything you need and implementing it.

Lion Marketing loves seeing our clients succeed and we go to great lengths to ensure that this happens. Between our creative and strategic staff, we are able to craft perfect campaign strategies to help get your name out there and let you reach your goals. Get in touch today! We will sit down over a great cup of coffee and discuss exactly how we can get you ahead.