Make Your Social Media Shine


At this point in the game, we hope you’re already aware of the importance of social media. We also hope that you already have a few pages out there on the web to reach the millions of people worldwide that check in on various networks every day. You do? Great! Now we can talk about some content tips that are proving very effective.

We’re talking about FUN, of course! Before you get ahead of yourself, this is not an acronym, but good, clean, unadulterated fun.

People tend to be more visual, so you need to catch their eye. How do you do that? In a way that will appeal to them! We all know what GIFs are, right? The moving pictures that remind us of something out of Harry Potter differs from video in that it’s a short clip that plays over and over again in a loop. It’s a great way of giving a 360° view of your products, give short visual instructions or just make your posts better at getting the attention of your audience.

Speaking of the difference between video and GIFs, videos are a fantastic tool in your digital marketing arsenal! Think recipes, tutorials, explainer videos and more! In a world where many don’t have the time (or perhaps the desire) to read a lot of information, videos are your saving grace.

As we mentioned above, you need to make your posts fun. Memes are a fantastic way of injecting this into your campaigns! The only rule is that you should not bring anyone down, as some memes tend to do, and if you can, try and keep it related to your products or services.

You’re a business and therefore need to generate interest in your products and services, so posting about your products is definitely important, but social media should never be thought of as a lead generating tool as it is more about building relationships and staying top of mind with your potential customers. With that said, whatever you post, do it in an entertaining way.

If you’re looking for a social media partner that will ensure your posts get the attention of your target market, get in touch with us today!