The Importance of a Great Logo

The Importance of a Great Logo

Why it’s essential

They say a first impression counts, and nowhere is this truer than with your brand’s logo. Nothing builds brand loyalty and brand recognition like a memorable brand logo.

A logo is usually the first thing a potential customer will see and remember, even before walking into one of your stores. This is why a clean, modern and professional logo is paramount – it builds trust before a transaction even takes place.

An attractive and iconic logo should also be able to attract new customers, retain existing ones, help you stand out from your competition and lend credibility to your brand.

So, what makes a good logo?

A good logo needs to have the 5 following traits in order to be effective and iconic.

Firstly, it needs to be describable, which usually means it needs to be simple or interesting enough for viewers to remember it and talk about it to others.

This brings us to the second characteristic, a logo needs to be memorable. Without it being memorable, a viewer could not describe it and could therefore not tell others about it.

Our third point is that a logo should be able to work without colour. While different colours can convey different emotions, such as blue conveying comfort, calm and trust, and red conveying intensity, passion and activeness; an effective measurement of whether a logo will work or not, is its recognisability without the colour.

A logo also needs to work well in any size. Whether you need to scale it down to fit on a pen or size it up to fit on a billboard – it needs to be able to work both ways.

Lastly, the logo should be relevant to your industry. Think of the thoroughbred horse on Ferrari’s logo or the TV screen-like block on YouTube’s logo. Simple, yet effective.

Back it up with advertising

Of course, no logo would gain traction with advertising it to your target audience. This is where Lion Marketing can help you!

Let us help your brand take off with a memorable logo and then let’s back it up with advertising on the right platforms at the right time.

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