How Important is Varied Social Media Content?

How Important is Varied Social Media Content?

It seems like these days, everyone is on social media and if you’re not, it significantly reduces your online presence. No matter how good your website’s design, content and SEO is, if you don’t have at least one social media profile, it immediately sends up red flags to potential customers.

Social Media is Like Dating

What if we told you, simply having a page on these sites isn’t enough. If you don’t post content on these pages, it’s like going on a date and not saying anything to the person – not a good idea!

The Bad Date

So you’ve got your profile up and you’re posting content, but the question now is – what do you put up? Have you ever seen those companies that continuously (and shamelessly) self-promote? The content they put up is all about their products and services and what they do or they constantly talk about the same thing over and over again… If you were on a date with a person that kept talking about themselves, instead of discussing interesting topics and interacting with you, you would probably not make plans for a second date, right? We didn’t think so… The same is true with social media – self-promotion gets old fast and people will be less likely to follow you…

Why Does This Matter?

The idea behind using social media as a marketing channel is to build an audience of potential customers – spreading awareness of your brand. You want people to come back for more, interact, share with their friends and remember your business next time they’re in the market for the same products you sell.

The Good Date

You can usually tell quite easily whether or not a date is going well. On a good date, conversation flows naturally, topics are interesting and the other person is genuinely interested in what you have to say. We don’t need to remind you that the same is true with social media, but how do you achieve this?

You want to keep content fresh and varied, talk about things that your audience is interested in and promote interaction by asking questions. Sounds like a good date, right?

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