Marketing Content: How Much and When

Content is very important in marketing, for both print and digital. You need to ensure that you are generating enough – not too much or too little, you don’t want to spam your audience. This article will guide you towards efficient content generation.

The content that you put out there needs to be made up of industry news, user-generated content, social videos, blogs and infographics.
Industry news is best distributed in the form of newsletters and mailers. This information needs to be sharp, clear and spicy enough to capture your customers’ attention.

User-generated content is the content that you will use based off of your viewers. Get your users interacting by creating likeminded content – content that your viewers can relate to. This content must be creative and have branding.

Videos always work wonders! Show off your brand in an entertaining way with some fun colours and a clear message directed at your audience – don’t leave them confused.

Blogs are important to have, this way you can keep your followers up-to-date with things that are important to your industry. Always be consistent and use examples – it makes understanding that much easier.

Infographics are a fun way of targeting your audience – they are informative and eye-catching. Always keep the information clear and concise, it should be short and to the point with sharp points.

Using these tips will help you grow in terms of content generation.