Your Business Needs Social Media

Brand Experience

Social media gives you a unique opportunity to strengthen or establish a brand voice or image with your target market. The type of language you use, how you respond to posts, what you decide to share, all have an impact on what people think of you. Social media therefore has the power to give your followers a personal brand experience.




People don’t like waiting. A well-managed page can give your clients immediate responses to their questions and concerns, even if it is just an assurance that you’re working on a solution. This is the beauty of social media. Please take note that unanswered posts can reflect badly on your company and it is therefore important for you to have a person, or marketing firm, to be responsible for monitoring your page and respond.




Traditional media tends to be one sided. You send out your message, not necessarily knowing if it will reach the right audience or what their response will be. Even with a call to action (CTA) for people to contact you for more information or to place an order, the interaction is still slow. This is where social media comes in. People have the opportunity to respond to your messages easily and immediately. By responding, you create a conversation. It therefore gives you some insight into what your audience thinks of what you have to say.




If a follower decides to post a message on your page, it is open for anyone to see and comment on. Your response is therefore very public. By responding timeously and resolving issues positively, your other followers, and indeed potential customers, can see that you value them, creating confidence in your brand and business.


These are just a few benefits of social media. The list is nearly exhaustive. One thing that we can say is that, if you’re not where your customers are, your business might as well be invisible. What do you think, will you get social?