Why Facebook is important for your business

Why Facebook is important for your business

Big or small, all businesses can benefit from having a Facebook page. A well-managed Facebook page, that is. But why is it important for businesses to be present on this mega social network?

Firstly, your target audience is on Facebook. With over 1.39 active monthly users in 2015, Facebook is now considered the largest ‘nation’ on earth. Knowing this, do you still think it’s not a marketing necessity?

Facebook is free! You can launch paid advertising campaigns on Facebook, but creating and running a page itself is free. Even if you do decide to run Facebook ads, this is still a much more affordable option than other media with the same reach potential.

Measuring is made easy with Facebook. This will be reflected in the amount of followers and the interaction between you and your audience. You can also see whether your efforts are successful in real time and amend it immediately at any point in time if you’re unhappy with the results you’re seeing.

Being on Facebook means that anyone, anywhere in the world can come across your business, as opposed to tradition media where you’re tied down by location and budget.

Social media is just that – social! It allows you to interact with your target audience in real time, answering their queries and solving their problems!

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