Text Marketing vs Email Marketing

Both text marketing and email marketing market to business owners that are looking for an affordable mass communication method.

On the surface they seem similar but each have their own distinct differences that appeal for their markets. Both methods are aimed at providing their clients with information that is relevant.

The average text marketing CTR (Click Through Rate) sits at about 36%, where as email’s average CTR is between 6-7%. 90% of consumers who have joined mobile loyalty programs feel they have gained value from them. Text marketing is becoming more popular as most people have a mobile phone that will allow them to access promotional campaigns and react to them at present, opposed to email where mail can be marked as spam, deleted as it is too lengthy, or forgotten once opened.

In conclusion, its really up to the business regarding which platform to use. If you want short, sharp quick bursts of your message to go out in a hurry –  SMS marketing is for you. If you have a longer message to convey regarding a promotion that will last a bit longer, or including visuals – email marketing is for you.