Questions to ask – Should your brand be on Instagram?

Most new and existing brands are asking the question – should my brand be on Instagram? Here is a guide of what to consider before creating an Instagram profile for your brand.

If your brand has brand ambassadors that are constantly posting themselves with your brand, this makes sense to have an Instagram profile that will allow your fans to engage with your content. This will also create awareness and a visual of a desirable brand to your fans and potential fans.

A factor to consider is what age group are you trying to target? Statistically, Millennials (age 19 – 34) make up the largest population of Instagram users, therefore should this be your favourable target audience; Instagram is a must for your brand. If you are very active in the community, Instagram is a great way to “humanize” your brand. People like to know that brands are not just about profits but engaging with their followers.

Once of the best perks of making use of Instagram is that it acts as great leverage for visual content. It is said that only 10% of information that is read is actually remembered where as 65% of people remember visual content at least 3 days after initially looking at visual content. In a recent Instagram research, 80% of Instagram accounts follow a business to feel a closer sense of connection to it-making many feel like they’re part of an exclusive group as a result.

In conclusion, keep in mind these tips when deciding if your brand should be on Instagram of not, this will ultimately be the success or failure of your brand on Instagram. Focus on what the aim of your brand is, consider your target audience and decide weather or not your brand or service is something your followers will engage in.