Revolutionary Packaging Design

The World is Not Flat

We live in a 3 dimensional world; a world where design and aesthetics play a more and more crucial role in the buying decisions of consumers. In fact, Packaging is probably the single greatest form of advertising today. With this in mind, there is no reason why 3D concepts, like packaging, should be designed in 2D.


At Lion Marketing, we challenge the norms. No more “imagining” what 2D designs will look like in stores. We use powerful, advanced 3D design technology to bring your packaging to life and help you visualise what the end product will look like before it’s even been printed and folded. You can even move it around to view it from all different angles – just like holding the actual packaging in your hand.


Not satisfied with leaving it there, the package design software we use allows us to design and ‘build’ an entire store, letting you to wander down the isles, picking up and examining products as you go. This gives you a clear idea of what your products will look like on the shelves, and amongst your competitors’ products.


Trust our expert team of designers, armed with world-class design software, to create beautifully designed packaging that leap off the shelves, capturing the attention of consumers and convincing them to spend their money with you!