Making the Most of Facebook Ads


We know what you’re thinking – “but you’ve done an article on Facebook advertising before,” and you’re right. This is our second look at Facebook advertising as part of our series on making the most of your Facebook page. Why? Because we want your brand to be more successful through Facebook. Read our previous posts here:

Over the past few years, it has become increasingly difficult to reach your fans on Facebook organically (without paid advertising). At the moment you’re looking at about 2% organic reach among your followers with your posts. That’s only 2 for every 100 fans who see your posts in their newsfeed. Facebook has done this in order to give their users the best experience and not bombard them with the increasing amount of content posted every day. Whether or not you agree with this idea, having a Facebook page is still vitally important! But how do you reach your audience then? Through paid advertising.

As mentioned in one of our previous articles on Facebook advertising, there are different types of Facebook Ads and which one you decide on depends on what you want to achieve. Today we want to take you through the different types of ads and when you should consider using them.


If your aim is to grow your Facebook page, i.e. gain more likes, then this is the perfect type of campaign for you. You can tailor it to target people according to their location, age, gender and interests. Page Like Ads are important because the more fans your page has, the higher number of people will see your posts organically too.


Post Engagement Ads have proven to be extremely effective when you need to reach more people with a specific post. It’s useful when you want to spread awareness of a competition, specials or any important information.


As the name suggests, these types of ads are used to promote your website and drive traffic to specific pages. When someone clicks on your ad, they are taken directly to the page you’re promoting. You can target people according to the location, age, gender and interests again giving you greater control over who sees your ads.


There’s no easier way to bring your brand to life than through videos! People increasingly seem to prefer watching videos over reading long content, making it a better way to communicate information than with a single post. As with other campaigns, you can target a select audience to make sure your ad budget doesn’t go to waste.

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