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How to do a Brand Blog

How to start a brand blog

Your brand blog will be the place that your loyal customers come to visit for all things brand related. Make sure you have adequate and valid information available, but also keep your blog upbeat. Give your blog a direction. Decide on the certain topics you will tackle, think of what your audience will want to […]

How to market your brand

How To Market Your Brand

Budget can be challenging when marketing your brand, but in order for your brand to grow you need to create awareness. Here are some of the top ways in creating awareness that won’t kill the bank. Website Your brand definitely needs a website – even if you have it created by Lion Marketing and choose […]

How to Build a brand

How To Build Your Brand From Scratch

Brand Building can be so intimidating. With our easy guide, it doesn’t have to be too tedious! Make sure you know your audience – this way you’ll know how to target your niche in their direction. Pick a perspective to tackle. It gives your content and advertising direction. Maybe you want to accentuate how affordable […]

Industry Marketing

Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Influencers can definitely make or break a brand. Find the right influencers for your niche and you’ll be good as gold. How can influencers benefit your brand, you ask? 1. Influencers are not directly pushy on your clientele. It’s a far more subtle thing to have an influencer boast about your product – and show […]

Text vs Email Marketing

Text Marketing vs Email Marketing

Both text marketing and email marketing market to business owners that are looking for an affordable mass communication method. On the surface they seem similar but each have their own distinct differences that appeal for their markets. Both methods are aimed at providing their clients with information that is relevant. The average text marketing CTR […]

Stand Out

Stand Out In A Market

Not sure how to keep afloat in a neck-to-neck market? Read our article to find out our tips and tricks to staying on top of the game! Build a level of loyalty with your customers. Don’t overload them with information – especially if it’s not relevant. Your loyal customers are your biggest assets; they will […]

Increase your social media presence

Tips to Grow your Social Media Presence

Want insight on what to do to improve your social media presence? Try these simple tips when creating your social media page or maintaining your existing one. One of the first things to distinguish is know who your audience is. Do some research as to what the demographics of your target market are. Keep in […]

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing works extremely well – especially when you need to send out a bulk message to your audience with regard to something in the moment. It requires no data or airtime for your audience to receive an SMS. If the SMS is not a matter of urgency, avoid sending it out as it is […]

Marketing Content: How Much and When

Marketing Content: How Much and When

Content is very important in marketing, for both print and digital. You need to ensure that you are generating enough – not too much or too little, you don’t want to spam your audience. This article will guide you towards efficient content generation. The content that you put out there needs to be made up […]

Marketing helping your business

Simple tips to market your business.

Every business can be marketed beyond advertising and promotions. Market your business to help others or provide a service that they need. First rule to consider is identify what the aim of your brand or service is as different avenues and tricks be able helpful as other do not apply.