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How to maximise Word-of-Mouth

Word-of-Mouth can be your most powerful and oldest form of advertising. These are 5 simple tips that you can utilise for your brand and get the most out of Word-of-Mouth.   Identify and target your influencers, they are able to promote your brand and your brand identity. They form the face of your brand and […]

Marketing to the Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry has grown at a vast rate and has become a very competitive industry to market in. Marketing experts are faced with marketing directly to doctors, pharmacists and indirectly to the consumers depending on the type of scheduled drug. Here is a brief overview of how to tackle this challenge.   Doctors hold […]

Pharmaceutical Marketing Can Be Tough

Lion Marketing understands the difficulty around marketing pharmaceutical brands. That’s why we have a 360º strategy to keep your brand top of mind – even without direct marketing.   When it comes to marketing in the pharmaceutical industry – you need to have a clear understanding of your target market. Whether to doctors and pharmacists […]

The Importance of Good Packaging

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but unfortunately it’s something we all do in one way or another. Whether we judge someone’s professionalism and work ethic based on how they dress, the quality of food based on the photo in the menu or even literally whether we’ll enjoy a book based […]

Pros and cons of TV ads

Are you in two minds when it comes to deciding on which form of media you should choose for your brand? In this article we focus solely on tv ads – breaking down both the pros and cons. Pros: TV ads can usually reach a larger audience, and this can be achieved in a shorter […]

What makes a good brand?

As competition increases your brand faces serious threats to its success however, there are various characteristics to consider ensuring the success of your brand. 1. Audience Knowledge Understanding the demographics of your target market – their likes, dislikes and interest etc is vital as it provides direction for your brand targeting specifically to their needs. […]

How to do a Brand Blog

How to start a brand blog

Your brand blog will be the place that your loyal customers come to visit for all things brand related. Make sure you have adequate and valid information available, but also keep your blog upbeat. Give your blog a direction. Decide on the certain topics you will tackle, think of what your audience will want to […]

How to market your brand

How To Market Your Brand

Budget can be challenging when marketing your brand, but in order for your brand to grow you need to create awareness. Here are some of the top ways in creating awareness that won’t kill the bank. Website Your brand definitely needs a website – even if you have it created by Lion Marketing and choose […]

How to Build a brand

How To Build Your Brand From Scratch

Brand Building can be so intimidating. With our easy guide, it doesn’t have to be too tedious! Make sure you know your audience – this way you’ll know how to target your niche in their direction. Pick a perspective to tackle. It gives your content and advertising direction. Maybe you want to accentuate how affordable […]

Industry Marketing

Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Influencers can definitely make or break a brand. Find the right influencers for your niche and you’ll be good as gold. How can influencers benefit your brand, you ask? 1. Influencers are not directly pushy on your clientele. It’s a far more subtle thing to have an influencer boast about your product – and show […]