If Adverts were People…

Ad’s Portrayed as People

There are many different approaches in advertising that you can take when marketing your products, services or brand. Would you trust your doctor to fix your pipes or your plumber to perform surgery? Probably not. The same can be said when deciding which approach to take. Today we will be looking at a few types of ads as if they were people. Why? We say, why not?

The Class Clown

This guy is always out to entertain. If he gets his comedy just right, people love him. They remember his jokes and discuss him for a long time to come! On the other hand, if his jokes are lame, too cheesy or clichéd, he just becomes an annoyance that people want to forget and complain about. Funny commercials can be very powerful, just make sure it fits your brand and is the right choice for what your marketing.

The Nerd

She’s smart, very smart. She’s the kind of person you want in your corner when you need to convey all the facts. Indeed, there’s a place for factual ads. Think technical products, industrial machines, pharmaceuticals, etc. When marketing a consumer product, it might be best to stay away from this approach as it runs the risk of getting boring.
The Friend

Your BFF – you love her, right? She gives you ‘the feels’? Emotional ads make you feel things. It can make you feel better about yourself, nostalgic, sad, etc. By doing so, these kinds of ads surpass merely advertising products, services or brands, and make your company seem more personable. When people form an emotional connection with you, they tend to be more loyal. Almost like a friend who will come back and support you time and time again.

The Doom Prophet

We all know this guy – always negative, always giving you the worst-case scenarios. We bet you’ve also seen ads like this too. They’re usually effective in cases like insurance, life cover, medical aids, etc. They tell you everything that can go wrong and then offer a solution. Pity real-life pessimists often don’t come with a good solution. Love them or hate them, they can be very effective when marketing grudge purchases.

Remember, advertising is deliberate, paid-for communication and you have a level of control over it that you don’t always have with other media. You have to be careful to take the right approach when advertising your products; don’t use comedy for funeral cover or fear mongering for breakfast cereal. Top tip – know your brand, know your audience, trust your gut and contact Lion Marketing or Red Phele Phele to help you make the right choice!