This was a task of David and Goliath proportions – taking on a brand that was entrenched into being truly South African. Ingram’s Camphor Cream has been part of a South African’s daily routine for many years. Adcock Ingram introduced a competing brand called CamphaCare and Lion Marketing was chosen as their partner to bring this brand to life. It started off with designing a pack that was recognisable to consumers in terms of it being Campha Cream, yet it had to stand out from what was already on shelf. The pack that was designed proved to be a perfect balance between the two. An additional benefit of the new design was that it appealed to a new generation of Camphor Cream users which allowed the brand to have an extended reach. The new design was also taken through into 3 different TV Ads as well as various different POS platforms which encompassed the fresh new spin on the traditional