Are Broadsheets and Leaflets Still Relevant?

Are Broadsheets and Leaflets Still Relevant?

When talking to different people in the marketing industry, they might tell you that print is dead and that you should move everything to digital. You might even believe them, as we are moving deeper into the information era and digital media is seemingly taking over. The question today is – are broadsheets and leaflets still relevant?

Broadsheets and leaflets are generally distributed by mail or with newspapers and magazine as a loose insert. This method of advertising is suitable for most types of businesses targeting consumers. It also happens to be more cost-effective than other forms of traditional advertising, such as billboards, television and radio.

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has done in-depth research into the success of broadsheets and leaflets. Their findings included the below:

• As many as 79% of people receiving broadsheets and leaflets keep them, give them to a friend whom they think might be interested, or glance over the content.

• Over 70% of consumers believe coupons, special offers and free samples are useful for determining whether a product meets their needs.

• 48% of consumers actually visit businesses (retail stores in particular), requested more information or bought a product from the advertiser after receiving a leaflet.

If you want to spread awareness of your business or the specific products and services you supply, broadsheets and leaflets are the obvious choice due to affordability and potential results. For more information, contact Lion Marketing today!