Custom Videos. A Unique Solution For You.

Custom Videos. Custom made. Just the way you like it!

At Lion Marketing, we are proud to offer you a customised video service! Yes that’s right, videos and filmed adverts are not just for TV and YouTube. We understand that a moving visual representation of a product or service is an excellent way to get your point across. Whether you need a video to pitch an idea, to explain a presentation or just for plain fun – we have the skills and equipment to script, film and edit exactly the product you are looking for.

Lion Marketing is equipped with the finest team and best equipment. We will story board your idea, obtaining your approval and then move forward to filming, designing and editing your final video. We are even happy to make tweaks – always striving for perfection.

Once the final video is approved we will export in any format you require and burn to DVD for you. If you require assistance setting up the final video product for presentation, we are also happy to help!