Social Media. Create & Share.

Social Media. Represent your business through social media.

Social mediadigital communication is an effective method of advertising, especially when used in conjunction with traditional advertising. It reaches the correct target audience, which allows for greater accuracy when monitoring and measuring results. What makes us unique is that we not only manage content, we create it. We put together campaigns and competition ideas to suit your brand. We also offer a full digital strategy.

Social media is an important platform to be on for any business or brand. It is an easy way to stay in touch and in tune with customers and fans. Social media also offers the opportunity to engage instantly and publicly with customers, resulting in positive publicity. And in the event of negative feedback, your business or brand has the opportunity to turn the situation around – resulting in happy and loyal customers, as well as a better public opinion of the brand.

Lion Marketing has social media experts trained to take your brand to the next level. We offer strategies, monthly calendar planning, tailored artwork, advertising, competition management and more on a variety of social media platforms.

Lion Marketing offers this service on the following platforms (and even more):