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Starting up your Business

You need to get your name out there! Lion Marketing has everything you need in order to get your business rolling! The advertising you need for exposure, we have at Lion Marketing! So, you have your business started up, you have the people and resources you need. How do you get customers to notice you? […]

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Explainer Videos

A Great Way to Keep your Customers Informed Explainer videos are all the rage right now as businesses need to find more creative ways of communicating information about their products and services to their audiences. They are a valuable tool in digital marketing as they break complex subjects into bite size, easy to understand segments. […]

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2017 Packaging Trends

2017 PACKAGING TRENDS Think the world of packaging isn’t very exciting? Wrong! At Lion Marketing, one of our favourite things to do is to design packaging that will make your products stand out from the crowd and look better than the other guys’. With this being said, you want to stay ahead of the curve […]

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Make Your Social Media Shine

MAKE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA SHINE At this point in the game, we hope you’re already aware of the importance of social media. We also hope that you already have a few pages out there on the web to reach the millions of people worldwide that check in on various networks every day. You do? Great! […]

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Don’t Fail to Plan

DON’T FAIL TO PLAN Would you go into an exam without having studied? Drive without knowing where you’re going? Propose to a total stranger? We sincerely hope you answered no to most of these, especially the last one, that’s just weird… Marketing doesn’t happen all willy-nilly either. Without a plan of action or even a […]

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Refresh your Brand

Is it time for a little nip and tuck? We have said this before and we will say it again – your company’s branding says a lot about who you are and what you do. It’s the first thing many see when coming across your business and the thing they’re consistently faced with when dealing […]

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Business Blogs – Yay or Nay?

BUSINESS BLOGS – YAY OR NAY? When thinking of the average blogger, you would be forgiven for thinking of a hipster sipping on espressos or craft beer while typing away their thoughts, opinions and maybe even their new-age poetry (it’s out there, people), or a mom in the suburbs sharing parenting advice, toy reviews and […]

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Making the Most of Facebook Ads

MAKING THE MOST OF FACEBOOK ADS We know what you’re thinking – “but you’ve done an article on Facebook advertising before,” and you’re right. This is our second look at Facebook advertising as part of our series on making the most of your Facebook page. Why? Because we want your brand to be more successful […]

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The Importance of Facebook Advertising

The Importance of Facebook Advertising Facebook has come a long way since its humble beginning as a way for college students to connect, to being the largest social media network in the world. Today it’s considered a powerful marketing tool and an affordable, yet effective way to grow your brand. It goes without saying that […]

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The Importance of Good Packaging

The Importance of Good Packaging They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but unfortunately it’s something we all do in one way or another. Whether we judge someone’s professionalism and work ethic based on how they dress, the quality of food based on the photo in the menu or even literally whether […]

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