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You have tried time and time again, but your marketing is just not cutting it. Here are a few reasons as to why your marketing might not be successful.

Your first problem is to figure out your target audience. Narrowing your target audience into a specific niche allows you to best understand who you are appealing to, which in turn will allow you to target specifically to their interests and needs.

If you don’t have a strategic plan behind your marketing you are wasting precious time. Your strategic plan needs to have a purpose and should be leading your customers down an intentional path of accepting your brand/service. Whatever brand/service you plan on selling, make sure your content is appealing and relatable to your target audience. Being consistent with your marketing plan is very important, don’t expect a sale to happen overnight, with time and consistency credibility can be gained among your audience.

Lastly doing analytics and trying to understand where you can improve is very important. Why continue practicing the same plan that does not work? All in all incorporating these elements into your marketing should ensure success of your brand/service.

When it comes to email marketing there are a few things to keep in mind to get the most out of it.

You don’t want to spam your target audience with content that is lengthy and boring. Keep your e-newsletter brief. Ensure your message gets right to the point with captivating content, exciting news or special offers. Create a matter of urgency with any promotional material. Place the most important portions of your message in the beginning of your email to grab attention and allow your target audience to read further. Well laid out content will help convert an opened email to a click to your website or a phone call to your business.

A powerful subject line is very important, as this is the first impression your audience will get when their emails download. Creating a short and captivating subject line will increase open rates 10-20 times more than subject lines that are not.

Send your emails to your target audience on a day where you will get the best response. Independent studies have shown the best rates were received on a Tuesday and Wednesday from 2-3 o’clock in the afternoon. Establish a timetable for your emails. Keep in mind to not spam your audience with too much promotional content that can potentially lead your audience to blocking your email address.

Allow your audience to unsubscribe from your email campaigns should they wish. Make your email performance trackable, this will allow you to monitor open rates, which subject lines work best and if you achieved the desired results. Using these basic tips will allow you to investigate where you can improve, what works and what doesn’t.

For sublime email marketing contact Lion Marketing today on 011 453 4297.

Stuck on the idea of what colour your brand should be?

So you find yourself at the point where you want to give your brand a new look or you have created a new brand but don’t know what colour your logo should be? You have read numerous articles related to this but it only seems to be more confusing the more you research.

When it comes to choosing a colour for your brand, this should be the fun and easy part. A few things to consider when choosing the perfect colour for your brand is that it should reflect the personality of your brand as well as give a good impression for first-time customers.

Choose a colour that suits the characteristics of what your product or service has to offer. Remember you are not limited to one colour you can choose colours that complement one another.

A good thing to keep in mind and is probably the most important point to consider when choosing a colour for your brand is that it should be different to your main competitor. This will help your target market differentiate between you and your competitor as well as separate your strengths and make yourself stand out from your competitors.

Use these as a guide when choosing a colour for your brand to make your final decision of colour choice easier.

You need to get your name out there!

Lion Marketing has everything you need in order to get your business rolling! The advertising you need for exposure, we have at Lion Marketing!

So, you have your business started up, you have the people and resources you need. How do you get customers to notice you? ADVERTISING!

Your company needs to be perceived as “different” by the public. Your products need to be better priced and a higher quality than your competitors. This needs to be addressed without being too direct. Lion Marketing can show you how through all things digital – the phenomenon of the Internet!

Your company needs to hear your target audience before your target audience hears you. Don’t advertise until you are completely aware of what the gap in the industry is! Lion Marketing has your back here, we can figure out exactly what your company needs in order to come out on top!

Create hype around your business and what you are offering before you are completely ready. Let your target audience anticipate your arrival; let it excite them. Lion Marketing can help you create the wonder and excitement you need to succeed!

Remember to have platforms for contact. Social media is the first go-to for most customers. Customers can always see what’s new and what’s happening through social media. Keep your website updated along with your social media. Allow the customer to feel like a loyal friend to keep them as a loyal client! With Lion Marketing, your social media and digital content will be taken care of!

Lion Marketing is the go-to agency for all your advertising needs. Full spectrum advertising from start to finish, is what you and your company need!

A Great Way to Keep your Customers Informed

Explainer videos are all the rage right now as businesses need to find more creative ways of communicating information about their products and services to their audiences. They are a valuable tool in digital marketing as they break complex subjects into bite size, easy to understand segments. Also, they’re fun and entertaining.

But why are explainer videos so great? Well… We’ll tell you!

They are simple to follow. Consumers are less likely to spend money on products and services they don’t understand, so by letting them know how something works and why it is valuable to them in a simple, yet fascinating way, explainer videos have the power to increase your sales.

Explainer videos also give you information on what products are popular based on the amount of views they get. You then know where your business can focus more efforts or what products or services need more attention.

They’re quick! Your target audience can simply go online and watch your video that explains exactly how your product or service works. There’s no need to read through pages of content, or feel left lacking due to insufficient information.

Lion Marketing aims to put your business on top using innovative solutions. Explainer Videos are great for advertising purposes! As mentioned before – it makes the product approachable and understandable. Give us a call and let’s get started!


Think the world of packaging isn’t very exciting? Wrong! At Lion Marketing, one of our favourite things to do is to design packaging that will make your products stand out from the crowd and look better than the other guys’.

With this being said, you want to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to packaging and we thought we would let you in on a few packaging design trends for 2017.

First, as with most things, less is more. This year, simple and neat design that communicates effectively will be just the key. The last thing you want is for people in store to walk right by your products because your packages are too complex or busy.

To make your packaging, and any marketing material for that matter, unique, embrace a unique or custom font. You don’t want your brand to look like everyone else’s, right?

Patterns are big right now! Not your granny’s old wallpaper or floral dress pattern, but simple, elegant patterns. Now, to tie all your products together, consider repeating a similar pattern on all packaging in your product range.

We love colour! Depending on your product, we say go for colour! Do your research into colour psychology, see what will work for your products and then use it in a tasteful way. At Lion Marketing, our specialist packaging designers have extensive knowledge and experience in this area.

Want to make your packaging look its best and stand out from the crowd? Consider die cutting! This method gives custom shapes or cutouts for a striking effect.

Fortunately, considering the environment has become more than just a design trend, but a packaging essential! Use biodegradable materials sourced from sustainable suppliers to make sure your packaging doesn’t damage the earth!

These are just a few packaging trends we’re predicting for 2017. At the end of the day, the point is to outshine the rest and for your products to find their way into the trollies of your customers. Interested? Give us a call on 011 453 4297.


At this point in the game, we hope you’re already aware of the importance of social media. We also hope that you already have a few pages out there on the web to reach the millions of people worldwide that check in on various networks every day. You do? Great! Now we can talk about some content tips that are proving very effective.

We’re talking about FUN, of course! Before you get ahead of yourself, this is not an acronym, but good, clean, unadulterated fun.

People tend to be more visual, so you need to catch their eye. How do you do that? In a way that will appeal to them! We all know what GIFs are, right? The moving pictures that remind us of something out of Harry Potter differs from video in that it’s a short clip that plays over and over again in a loop. It’s a great way of giving a 360° view of your products, give short visual instructions or just make your posts better at getting the attention of your audience.

Speaking of the difference between video and GIFs, videos are a fantastic tool in your digital marketing arsenal! Think recipes, tutorials, explainer videos and more! In a world where many don’t have the time (or perhaps the desire) to read a lot of information, videos are your saving grace.

As we mentioned above, you need to make your posts fun. Memes are a fantastic way of injecting this into your campaigns! The only rule is that you should not bring anyone down, as some memes tend to do, and if you can, try and keep it related to your products or services.

You’re a business and therefore need to generate interest in your products and services, so posting about your products is definitely important, but social media should never be thought of as a lead generating tool as it is more about building relationships and staying top of mind with your potential customers. With that said, whatever you post, do it in an entertaining way.

If you’re looking for a social media partner that will ensure your posts get the attention of your target market, get in touch with us today!


Would you go into an exam without having studied? Drive without knowing where you’re going? Propose to a total stranger? We sincerely hope you answered no to most of these, especially the last one, that’s just weird… Marketing doesn’t happen all willy-nilly either. Without a plan of action or even a goal of what you want to achieve with your marketing efforts, why do it in the first place? Enter the strategy. Think of this as your roadmap to success that no campaign can do without.

At Lion Marketing, we have the knowhow, experience and creative awesomeness to tailor perfect strategies for your brand! How do we do this? By understanding the consumer, coming up with ideas to speak to them and selecting the right platforms to reach them. This will help you focus your efforts and budget where it will be most effective.

To start, you need to know what you want to achieve. Everything you do from there will help you achieve these goals. Want to increase your sales? Want to improve your brand recognition? Want to rule the world and vanquish your enemies? These are all things you need to establish before starting on your strategy.

For a campaign strategy to work, you need to understand your customers – their needs, hopes, fears, dreams and more. Why do they need your product or service and what can you do to win them over? Lion Marketing has done significant research into understanding different audiences and how best to reach them, so we are well capable of helping you in this area.

Once you know what you want to achieve and whom you want to target, the fun starts. The actual planning can now commence where you need to decide what to say, when to do so and where in order to get the most effect for your budget. The idea is to get a great ROI. Once this is done, we start working on creating everything you need and implementing it.

Lion Marketing loves seeing our clients succeed and we go to great lengths to ensure that this happens. Between our creative and strategic staff, we are able to craft perfect campaign strategies to help get your name out there and let you reach your goals. Get in touch today! We will sit down over a great cup of coffee and discuss exactly how we can get you ahead.

Is it time for a little nip and tuck?

We have said this before and we will say it again – your company’s branding says a lot about who you are and what you do. It’s the first thing many see when coming across your business and the thing they’re consistently faced with when dealing with you. There comes a point that every brand needs a bit of a refresh, but how do you know when that is? Before we explore this, have a look at previous articles we wrote on the subject of branding and logos:

Think about your favourite fashion item, hairstyle or even car from 10 or 20 years ago – would you still want it today? Unless it’s a timeless classic, we’re guessing not. You have changed and matured, in the best way, we’re sure, and your taste and how you represent yourself is slightly different now. Right? Your business is the same. Your branding might have served you well for decades, but it might be time to go under the creative knife. Why? Well, trends change, your target audience changes and maybe your company changed.

Here are a few reasons as to why you may possibly need to hit the refresh button:

  • Your company has grown and your logo from your startup days is no longer effective
  • Your audience has matured and your branding no longer speaks to them
  • Your logo was trendy 10 years ago, but doesn’t catch the attention of your target market anymore
  • You feel you want to look more modern, perhaps to match a new direction your business is taking

These are all valid reason to make a change, but they are only a few in the long list of reason you might have to make the change. To make the most of your brand revamp, and ensure its success and a smooth transition, there are a few things you need to consider.


In business, it’s not advisable to do things for the sake of doing them and if there isn’t something you want to achieve with the revamp, you’re better off sticking with your current look. Ask yourself why you feel you need a new identity and what you hope to achieve with it. Be strategic about it to make sure you get a great ROI and grow your business even more.

Be strategic

In the world of branding, something as simple as colour can be extremely influential in your success. Colour psychology is an interesting topic and we invite you to do some research as to how different colours can shape your image. Shapes, lines and imagery are also very important and can say a lot about your company without saying anything. Your new branding can be as easy as changing your colours to better align with your company’s values.

Change, but not too much

When giving your brand a refresh, be careful no to go too far. Soap operas often replace actors for a variety of reasons without any explanation, leaving their viewers not only confused with who this new person is, but having to get used to their favourite character having changed completely – the struggle is real. Your brand is the same. You don’t want to lose the valuable brand recognition and customer loyalty you have built up over the years for the sake of a new look, do you?

If you think that the time has come to give your brand an update, or you would like brand new branding for your burgeoning business, contact Lion Marketing!


When thinking of the average blogger, you would be forgiven for thinking of a hipster sipping on espressos or craft beer while typing away their thoughts, opinions and maybe even their new-age poetry (it’s out there, people), or a mom in the suburbs sharing parenting advice, toy reviews and discussing the difficulties of juggling all their responsibilities. While these people are out there, they are not the only ones writing on the web.

Many companies are recognising the importance of having a blog in order to up their SEO game and further improve their conquering of the digital frontier. But why? Why should you take the time to write and publish articles on your website? Quite simply, it’s another avenue of communication.

Your website can’t be static. The act of having a blog or news section on your website and updating it at least once a month will help garner some confidence in your brand. If you think about it; landing on a website that hasn’t been updated in months or even years makes you think that the business might have closed shop, right? Having an up-to-date blog will help combat this.

It can help drive traffic to your website. Google is quite a fan of fresh content as it shows your website is active and there’s no better place to do this than a blog page. Or, you know, you could update your ‘About Us’ page often…

Know your stuff? Why not share the knowledge? By writing a blog on the industry you’re in, you can establish yourself as an authority on the subject, which will boost consumer confidence in your business. People want to go to the businesses that know and understand their industry/products.

These are just a few benefits of blogging, but we get that not everybody has the time to blog. Focus on what you do best, while we take care of writing articles for your business. All you need to do is check it, approve it and take advantage of the benefits. Interested? Contact us today!